Friday, March 2, 2012


Hello My Wonderful Friends!

Many days have passed since I asked you to help me decide about my wallpaper dilemma!  Thank you for all of your helpful replies and we have a winner!  I was directed to a YouTube tutorial showing how to sand, spackle, sand again, then paint OVER my wallpaper once more to achieve a flawless, smooth wall. than stripping already painted paper off and dealing with what lies behind it.  I want to thank you all for your help!  I'll post and picture the whole experience for you in a future blog.  Here is the link to the great tutorial on YouTube that I am going to use when I begin my kitchen makeover: *Prepping to paint over wallpaper*.  Just in case you have the same problem and want to tackle this with me!!

......February was "heart month" for me and my family.  My stepdad, Glen, passed away from a heart attack on February 7.  He lived 85 wonderful years and brought joy, laughter, love...and pizza into our lives.  He loved Tuesday Pizza Nights at Pizza Hut and if you were at my parents' house on that had pizza too.  I can't tell you the moans and groans we used to give when we all piled into the cars and caravanned to 'the Hut' on those nights. ~~ But today, we smile about it and the word "pizza buffet" brings a tug to our hearts. We will always miss and love you dear Glen....... about mid month, while staying with my mother, 658 miles from my home where my husband had returned....I got a call from the Emergency Room saying my sweetheart of 35 years had also just suffered a heart attack!  I flew quickly to back to Denver as did our son, leaving his wife and our Magnificent Baby Granddaughter at home.  For 5 days we stayed at his bedside in ICU.  I am so thankful and thrilled to say that now, three weeks later, he is recovering nicely and even going back to work on Monday.  We thank God for giving him a longer life and our friends for their concern and diligent prayers.  Life is definitely fragile....and very precious.

OK, so now we are beginning our Heart Healthy Phase!  I checked out several books from the library:

I know you are laughing at me, but I'm jumping into this!  The first thing we did was decide to eat FOF and FOT.....Fish on Friday, and Fish on Tuesday.  Tonight was Tilapia, breaded in Panko crumbs and Mrs. Dash, then baked, Annie's Organic, Low Salt Macc and Cheese and steamed veggies.  It was a 'hit' with the patient and with me!  I have found out some really good foods to buy, substitutes for the salty taste, and a ton of tasty low fat recipes!  I'll be blogging them as I try them to give you a heads up on having a happy heart!

Do you have any tips or tricks to cooking for a healthier heart?  Write and let me know!!  Thank you and may you and your families have a happy, healthy Spring!....XO

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