Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I must really apologize for the tardiness of this post.  I admit I let time get away from me.  I'm 'eva' so sorry!

I have been working, however.  After painting the stair risers, I did find an interesting runner for them and had it installed. It adds so much character already to this 50 years young home!  I'm excited about it!


I can't say I am completely finished with my stairs.  The banisters still  cause me anguish, and if you must laugh, I'm painting the risers *a.g.a.i.n.* with a slightly creamier color to match the new runner better.  I would never decorate for money.  The clients would shoot me dead!

...and... the walls of the staircase are screaming for pictures upon them. That part will be fun!  Can't wait.  I have some exciting ideas for that.

All in due time!  I have been focusing my attention on two more things ~ is this what they mean by ADD?  I like it!! ~ anyway:

1) I want to carpet the entire upstairs now!  We have wood floors and it is "clop, clop, clop" constantly.  My husband prefers to just carpet the landing and stop at the 4 doorways instead.  All I can say is...we are working on this :}  Here are samples of 3 colors of carpeting I am considering, looking downstairs, lightest to darkest, and that's Mia in the middle of it all:




All opinions and greatly appreciated!  I know it's hard judging from an iphone pic...even tho I DID choose this phone for picture quality...

2) The kitchen. I have new stainless appliances but the dishwasher is still out in the garage awaiting new countertops before it's installed.  Before new countertops, I must decide if I am changing the color of my cabinets.  

Some very good options have been posted on Pinterest  It's just the deciding part...white/cream...darker like walnut....lighter like a fruitwood...the only thing I'm not crazy about is the yellow/orangey oak that's up there now.  I know they look  pretty tame from here, but take this picture I shot up close:

I see you nodding your heads at me, "She's right, Pansy, that door be orangey yella!"

Will this house ever be completed?

I experienced kind of a lull in my enthusiasm on all of this remodeling with the events detailed in a previous blog.  I got content just looking at things the way they were for awhile. Then last week, the house across the street, similar to our house, sold for a ridiculously high price!  Seriously!  We were stunned!  I fired up the Zillow site and studied the pictures - 20 of them! - and although they had taken down a wall and added a new bedroom, it was basically our house!  They had updated and remodeled and spruced everything up and POW~sold it big!  That's what bolted me back into action!   

OK, it's late~ See you Tomorrow at Tara! 

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