Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Fall Eve!

Hello Great Friends!

It's the day before Fall, 2012, and a beauty of a morning in Colorado.  I've been up since 4:30, so I am running on a full tank of coffee ready to write!

Actually, I have been thinking about you in my head for days and just now have remained sitting long enough to put fingers to keys.

A short "catch-up" is in store on this blog.  I have been writing about my redecorating ideas but not making too much headway.  Do you ever do that?  My next project is my kitchen, but it is expensive!  Therefore, I make SURE it is what I want before I begin.  First I had to decide: Do I really need granite?  Wow!  Talk about precious stones!  Why can't formica be stylish? ha!  Oh, it is now so much prettier than the gold fleck of the 60's, but as I considered each surface...corian....butcher block....stone....granite IS so beautiful.  It feels cool to the touch, it's earthy, solid, and it can sell a house.  Not that I'm moving, but if I ever do, the buyer will love me more..hehe.

So, I have decided on a color design now for the countertops and the closest to my taste is called 'Giallo Veneziano'. I would insert a picture for you, but I'll explain my iphoto debacle later.  Whoo-boy...what a mess there...

The countertops being the biggest decision (I hope), there is the backsplash to consider, the sink, faucet, paint color and finally, the cabinets. The cabinet color I have saved for last because I KNOW I'm not replacing them, so they will either be painted, refinished or just cleaned up and renewed.  I am calling the same contractor that did my bathroom to coordinate all of this. Now, a true DIY'er would be her own contractor and schedule the granite man, plumber, electrician and painter.  Good for her. ha!  Hang with me, I'll document the progress whenever it gets started!


I just got back from a week visit in my hometown to stay with my mom and son and family.  My Magnificent Grandbaby (MMGB) will be one year old next month!  She is walking, saying Ma-Ma and Da-Da, dancing, laughing and struttin' her stuff!  Oh, what a personality!  To say "love her" is too tame.  I adore her. It usually takes me 24 solid hours to recoup from a 12 hour drive back home.  So, I'm off and running now!  Glad to be back at ~Tara~ !!


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