Friday, August 31, 2012

Prior Post - What?

Hi folks,
It's been a wonderful summer in spite of my last post.  That one has been held in "draft" since June!  I wrote it late one night and the next day decided not to publish, but something made me keep it on hand for tweeking.  I sent it on just now, untweeked!  What can I say?  It was one of those days.

I have really missed writing, but have been reading so many other totally talented writers!  Oh, they are funny and smart! Stay at home Moms, mostly, trying to make money blogging. The more readers you have, the more the ads pay off and sponsors you acquire.  They insert beautiful pictures taken with the greatest of cameras and lighting. (I use my cell phone) They blog every single day documenting every recipe they try, home decorating project, and provolking thought they might have.  I am totally engrossed in some of their lives!  One of them I actually "miss" when she doesn't blog! I wonder if she's sick or the baby is keeping her up!  She is the sweetest thing.....

So, yeah I'm feeling better.  I LOVE my older home and my view is so peaceful even without a Front Range overlook.  I'm truly blessed and I know it....

Oh! I'm redoing my kitchen!  Let me get my cellphone to snap some professional pics!



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