Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our granddaughter said hello to the world at 12:29 in the afternoon on Wednesday the 12th! A "grander" day has never been had, I'm sure of it. I have been told I would be in love at first was true!  I have new respect for the word ~doting~.  I am now a doter.  In one day, I have become an intense doter!  I have also seen how God equips new parents.  I have witnessed our wonderful son and daughter-in-law fall in love and become instantly attuned to what makes our little wonderment happy and content.  How did they know? The tucking of the rolled up receiving blanket under her ears, letting her pull her left arm out of her swaddle, the whispers that quiet her to a slumber.  All in one 24 hour day?  Are they Genius?  As their mother and MIL, I would have to say "yes", but as an observer...God is in the Room...His love is complete and consuming, intelligent and tender.  I can "see" Him.  He flows through a brand new family. 

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