Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Painting Shall Begin!

Hello Friends~

I have begun the stairwell makeover..inch by inch!  Two Novembers ago, I had my wood floors sanded and stained including the tops of each stair.  About 6 months ago, I borrowed a sander from my handy-girl friend and sanded the risers.  TODAY I have begun the job filling old nail holes and TOMORROW is Primer Day!  Like I wait all summer to do this and I will be opening my windows to a breezy 50 degree day~~Where's my fleece hoodie!?  The finished product I have in mind is to paint the stair risers with Benjamin Moore White Dove, leave the steps stained Walnut, find a carpet runner that blends everything together including the downstairs area rugs, and paint the banisters black to match the front door!  Amazingly ambitious for moi, I assure you.

Here is my before picture...I hope you don't have to wait two more Octobers for the finished product!

You'll notice the advance preparation I have done papering ONE step!  But remember today was spackle the nail holes day? I will be fresh as a daisy tomorrow morning after 3 cups of Mega-Bold! (My decade in Louisiana had a lasting effect on my coffee drinking...) I promise to prep my beautifully stained steps with care and get at least one coat of primer on!!  Oh dear, I promised...better get some sleep!!
Till Tomorrow

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