Sunday, October 2, 2011

She Will Be An October Baby!

OK, are you tired of the baby-talk yet?  I didn't think so :))  No, I'm done.  I'll bore you with ALL the details soon enough.  

To my friends and family...I'm never mentioning names in my blog.  Of course, you may recognize some distinguishing details that only YOU will know, but I promise to just divulge the musings, projects and thoughts of AspenLeaf - my Words With Friends name that seemed to work well here. I LOOOOVE Aspens!  

Why a blog?  Well, I'm just learning HOW to blog.  I am exploring how to insert pictures, links and other fun stuff.  I'm just taking you along with me!  I plan to write about redecorating my 50 year old house - oh the pain! - our new G-Baby, of course - and some handy tips I've learned from other redecorating bloggers. IBUPROFEN is my first tip!  I hope you'll come along with me on this adventure.  Comment if you care to...See you Tomorrow At Tara!! Oh how I wish....

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