Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a Turn Down Day....

Happy Summer Day to You!  We here in Denver are not only "atmospherically challenged" (we're closer to the sun), but we are breaking heat records daily in the triple digits!  Digging out all our SPF-coated hats so our brains do not broil while we walk the trails!  Don't ever tell a Coloradan not to hike, with a hat, and a dog, on a trail.  Just fore-warnin' ya'.  You'll get smacked, then laughed at for being a Tourista.

Now that that is out of the way, I'm breaking with tradition in this blog.  Cardinal Sin One.  "Don't stray from point of blog".  My cue to break it!  Rebel that I am insures I go on. This has been a downer of a day, people. I can't even pick my fisted arm up in the air and say, "Tomorrow is anotha day!"  The day began by getting up too late for church...

Church and the message therein stimulate my soul and spirit.  Friends of mine that inspire me are there and reveal the personhood of Jesus to me.  Oh, I do know He's here, and I have real evidence of His existence, but church is filled with brothers and sisters who have the same "heart" as me.  Sparks fly when that happens!  Ideas flow, lightbulbs go off, kindness is abundant, patience shows.  Well, church is just where it happens, that's all.  So I missed that first off.

We chose to hang out with God in nature today.  Corwina Trail was the hikette of choice...a short uphill challenge and we had Mia with us, my beautiful 2 year old Border Collie. Shown here in her common pose....ready for departure.

We were gone about 1.5 hours tired and thirsty, but glad we went.  We ate our lunch of quiche and canteloupe, and found our way to the living room couch.  Such relaxation. 

My afternoon plans were to go house hunting with my Sis.  It would be fun!  I thought.  "....maybe I can find a one story with a view like we have wanted since we arrived here."  No one told me you had to have ~minimum~ a half million bucks to buy one of these suckers!  Even Tara would shutter her windows and door transomes at that!  My gosh, living shelters have to be attainable to at least more that a handful of lucky ducks!  Just sayin'....tryin' to be tolerant here, but I am taking up this space to ask: ....why can't we find pretty, new homes with 2500 feet, ranch style, patio facing the Front Range for sale on decently spaced lots for 2.5 to 3.5 hundred thousand anywhere?  Oh, and not under the DIA flight patterns.  That's a last minute request that I decided was as important as sinks and toilets.  

So these realizations gave this post it's title today.  And yes, it is late,  and I am in a mood, but ToMorrow IS anotha' day.....thank God!

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